Wesley Theological Seminary Interlibrary Loan Request Form

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Washington, D.C. 20016

Please note the following limitations:

1. ILL Services are limited to Wesley students (currently enrolled), faculty, and employees.

2. All requests are limited to articles, chapters in books, essays, and reviews. Requests for physical books cannot be processed at this time.

3. The library will not process ILL requests for books or articles already in the collection.

4. Due to COVID-19, ILL requests may take longer to process. Response and delivery times are subject to the operations of other libraries.

5. Please limit your ILL requests to five per day.

6. All fulfilled requests will be delivered via email.

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Requested Item(s)

Select the date by which you need the requested item(s). While some libraries have resumed ILL services during the global pandemic, others have not. Although the library will try to obtain and deliver requests by your need by date, processing and delivery times depend upon the operations of other libraries.

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The information that you provide will be used for the sole purpose to identify and prepare requested materials for pickup or delivery. The information will not be sold or disseminated for other purposes. Unless required by law and with the exception of third party vendors who provide operational support, the library will not knowingly share your personal information with any other individual or organization.